01. Can’t keep pace with your data? Need to speed up?

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At Inviso, we believe that working with data should be straightforward and fast. Not just because it’s more fun that way, but because that’s the most effective way to use data. When you let yourself explore, use your natural curiosity and keep an open mind when working with data processes, that’s when you will gain the most innovative and valuable insights.

That old cliché that you should “have all your data collected together” before you begin was discarded long ago, as it gradually dawned on everyone that all it did was strangle innovative ways of working. We don’t need to retrieve every little bit of information out there – we need to find what matters. We don’t need to know every detail – we need to spot what’s important in the patterns we find.

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02. We make data accessible

What do you want to know?

Inviso gives you easy and fast access to your company data. We create transparency in both your data and your processes to give you a better overview, no matter which system you use. We combine data from many different sources, so you can effortlessly “translate” all of that data into one language.

We use a tool called Alteryx because it’s simply outstanding at retrieving data. But the real art lies not in retrieving the data, but in understanding what data is important, so you end up with the data you really need.

Our job is to help you transfer the data from an excel file into the real world, where it creates value.

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03. We convert data into something you can actually use

Data tells you stories if you know where to look

The data you retrieve is really only useful to you once you can give free reign to your curiosity, challenge it and explore it in depth. Once you begin to explore, with an open mind, gaining inspiration as you go, the data will reveal new knowledge and surprising stories. We are super-users in Tableau, a tool that that will unlock all the stories that were invisible to you before.

During the process, we will train you to use our tools and methods, so you will be able to access those stories yourself. Instead of answering questions and compiling reports, you will start to see data in a whole new light. And then something magical happens – instead of you asking the data questions – the data will start talking to you.

Want to visualize your data using Tableau?

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04. We find potential

Data is change

Once you start looking at the world in a different way, it changes everything.

Everyone who has adopted this new, dynamic way of working with data has found that data changes their business and their way of doing business. From the very start, some processes will be faster and easier, which will save money and make your work day more satisfying and fun.

But the changes in perspective go deeper than this and cover much more. Data will become an essential element of your business. Inviso by Devoteam converts this data into action to find potential that creates fundamental business value.

05. We don’t have a crystal ball, so...

We let data predict the future

We guarantee you that the business world today is in the early stages of a data revolution. We have only just begun to exploit the opportunities that exist in working with data in a dynamic set-up, using predictive data and combining technology with data.

Once it becomes possible to combine machine learning and algorithms with large volumes of data, a whole world of new insights will open up.

Our systems are geared to building algorithms which can try out hypotheses on your data, just to name one of the exciting options available ...

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