Tableau Custom Shapes - Part 1 (How to make custom shapes)

In Tableau there is a number of shapes in the default package (Default, Arrows, Gender etc..), but sometimes you might wish for other possibilities. Worry no more - It is easy to make custom shapes. Here is what you have to do to include your own Tableau Custom Shapes.

1) Find the pictures you want to use as shapes in your visualization.


2) Save the pictures in a new folder under "shapes" in "My tableau repository" typically found in "my documents", though this folder can be placed elsewhere.(Click on the GIF to enlarge)

3) Rename the folder to something meaningful.(Click on the GIF to enlarge)

4) Paste your pictures into this newly created folder.

(Click on the GIF to enlarge)

5) Open Tableau and go to the sheet where you wish to use these shapes.(Click on the GIF to enlarge)

6) Make sure "Marks" is set to "Shape".(Click on the GIF to enlarge)

7) Drag your Dimension onto "Shapes" and press the "Shapes" square to enter proporties for shapes.(Click on the GIF to enlarge)

8) Press "Reaload Shapes" to make sure your folder in "My Tableau Repository" is loaded.(Click on the GIF to enlarge)

9) Go to the dropdown "Select Shape Palette" and select your new Tableau Custom Shapes folder.(Click on the GIF to enlarge)

Indsaet step 11 GIF

10) Select Data Items one by one and assign the chosen image-file to them.(Click on the GIF to enlarge)

Now you have your Tableau Custom Shapes assigned, ready for usage. Remember shapes can be resized by using the "Size" mark.

If you wish to learn how to use these shapes as filters, read Custom shapes - Part 2.

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