Use the 'Find tool' option to easy navigate in your workflows

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate in a big workflow. Using the find tool option can help ease the pain!

This option allows you to search for specific tools. Another cool thing is the option to search for words within the tools.

The find tool option becomes visible in your workflow if you press ctrl+F (or if you click on view -> find tool)

If you for instance remember a specific word you wrote within a formula tool, but cannot remember which tool it is you can use the search option to find it! So in this case, I created a formula specifying how strings containing 'Amager', should categorize the 'BYDEL' name as 'Amager' (rather than Amager West and Amager East). I could not remember where the tool was placed, but searching for 'Amager' found the tool and showed me the configuration of the specific formula tool.

Using the search function can save you time instead of clicking around searching manually.

Another small tip: When Alteryx gives you an error message of a specific tool, you can use the search option to find the tool. Then it will show you the configuration window. However, you can also just click on the tool in the error message, and it will take you straight there and show the configuration window. Then you can quickly find the errors which need to be corrected.

This tip was given by ACE Nichole Johnson at the Alteryx Inspire Europe 2018, and I find it very useful - I hope you do to!

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