FIX - XML Endpoints No Longer Available in Tableau Server 9.3

Be aware when updating Tableau server to 9.3 since .xml endpoints are no longer available by default. For us it is a problem because we have Alteryx flows utilizing the "Publish to data server" macro that use the Auth.xml endpoint.

According to Tableau it can be fixed by doing the following (//

In Tableau Server 9.3, the wgserver process is disabled by default. (REST API calls are handled by a different process.) If you want to continue to use XML endpoints in Tableau Server 9.3, you must explicitly enable the process using the following commands:

tabadmin stop tabadmin set api.server.enabled true tabadmin configure tabadmin start

However that did not solve the problem for me. I had to fiddle a bit around in the configuration files and found a solution. I suggest the following:

tabadmin stop tabadmin set api.server.enabled true wgserver.xmlapi.enabled: truewgserver.enabled: trueworker0.wgserver.procs: 1tabadmin configure tabadmin start

What the additional commands do is:

  1. Enable xmlapi
  2. Enable wgserver
  3. Set the number of wgservers on worker0 to 1

Hope this can save some time for others that experience the same problem.

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