Inviso and The Information Lab basketball face-off - Inviso

The 8th of July 2015 will be one of those days that will be amazing even if it's raining cats and dogs. First of all, the 8th of July is day 3 of the Tableau Conference on Tour in London and will start out with the keynote by Dr. John Medina, on the relationship between performing captivating presentations and the neuroscience behind it. Second, on the 8th of July I will have taken yet another 365day-trip around the sun and will be celebrating my birthday - in London - surrounded by data-driven minds alike. Pretty neat! Lastly and perhaps most importantly, on the 8th of July, Inviso and The Information Lab will meet in an epic street basketball match! It's England vs. Denmark, pastry vs. Earl Gray tee, but in the ends it will probably be one bunch of pale IT guys competing against another bunch of a "bit paler" IT guys.

And yes we know what you are thinking; of cause we made an awesome dashboard of pre-game stats! Dive in and find out where to put your money before the game is on! You can check it out below or at Tableau public: //


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