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A couple of months ago we were asked to calculate how many business days went by, before a client responded their customers’ inquiries. A task that ended up being a bit more troublesome than at first glance, as Alteryx does not have a function or a tool that provides you with this solution. Now we have developed a macro, available in the Inviso macro pack, that will solve all of your problems... as long as you need to do this operation within one of the following Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Sweden or Norway.

How many business days did go by?

A very common questions asked by companies for analysts to answer. And even though this can be done quite easy, it is often very time consuming. Imagine a company working within Denmark receiving orders on various products. The company is interested in knowing exactly how many business days they spend from receiving an incoming order to they respond by sending an outgoing delivery. This includes filtering away both weekends and public holidays for Denmark.

The company has the following information on its incoming orders:

In order to calculate the number of business days, I would have had to locate all days that are Saturdays and Sundays between my two dates and exclude these. Further, I would have had to collect all the individual historical and potentially future public holidays - this includes both fixed and moving public holidays for Denmark... Already now, I am getting tired just by the thought of it...

This is the reason why I decided to go on and create a macro that could help others in the same situation. With access to the Inviso Business Days macro, all the company now needs to do, is to specify the country of interest (DK, SE or NO), a startdate and an enddate. This can be done as shown here:

By running the flow, the macro returns a new column called Businessdays. In this column, the number of business days between the Incoming Date and Outgoing Date is returned. Thus, the macro automatically filters away all weekend days and public holidays related to Denmark.

What to be aware of and where to find it?

When using the Business Days macro you should be aware of the fact that it only covers a limited period of years for the different countries:

  • Denmark: 2000-2099
  • Norway: 2009-2023
  • Sweden: 2009-2026

I hope that this is something of use and that we can extend the macro to also include other European countries like Germany in the nearest future.

The Business Days Macro is now included in theInviso Macro Pack for Alteryx which is available for free.


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