Microsoft Dynamics AX and Tableau

I have found myself telling people that their mom will be able to get answers and insights from data by using Tableau. It is of course somewhat of a cliche but I can say it with confidence since my own mom is using Tableau to analyze data from Microsoft Dynamics AX. She agreed to tell you more about it in this guest-blog.

Merete Juel Hall on Dynamics AX and TableauMicrosoft Dynamics AX offers you several ways to get nice and streamlined data sets that you can use in Tableau. As an additional bonus the naming of AX is mostly straightforward and it is easy to guess which data the tables contain.

You can of course connect directly to the database on the Microsoft SQL server:

If you are not completely familiar with SQL databases, it is still possible to easily get nice data from AX. Almost all forms have a button to export the grid data to Excel.

You can choose to export all the data from the form by just clicking the Excel button or selecting exactly the data you want before it is exported.

Click the Excel button:

And now you have your data from the form in Excel:

If you want all the data from the table (even the fields you can't see in the grid):

Select the rows you want to copy and copy with < CTRL >< C >

Paste into Excel with the < CTRL >< P >

Your data is ready for Tableau - have fun!

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