Tableau 2018.3 - what's new?

By the end of October Tableau launched version 2018.3 and in this blog entry, I would like to give you an overview of what I see as the 3 hottest features and how they will make your Tableau life easier. In case your thirst for Tableau knowledge is not quenched after reading this blog entry, you can find everything you need to know about other new and cool features here:

1. Heatmaps

A new mark type has been added to Tableau, namely the density marks. One click will now turn millions of marks into insightful visualisation of your data. Each mark will represent a concentration of points, in which you can identify patterns of your data within seconds. This new mark type can be used when your data is being visualized on either a map or a scatterplot.To illustrate, the municipality of Copenhagen has some public datasets available right here. I’ve downloaded data on the number of bicycles driving past 13 different sites over a period of 10 years. This creates more than 2.2 million rows of data, including more than 367 million bicycles passing the stations. Indeed a fascinating dataset! I plotted each station onto the map in tableau, created a density plot with the number of bicycles passing through the station and looping over each year and each number of hours. FYI, the short video below is made utilizing Tableau's "Pages" function.

2. Set actions

Since Tableau first announced that they were working on a new functionality called set actions, there has been lots of hype around this. Set actions allows the end-user to select what values are in a set by interacting directly with each mark within a visualization. This allows the end-user to visually drive calculations and thereby grant a new way of exploring your dataset. The set actions is super easy to use and is demonstrated in the short video below: (notice that there isn't any sound to this video!)

3. Dashboard navigation buttons

Over the years, a lot of our customers has been asking how they could go from dashboard to dashboard. In previous versions of Tableau, one would have had to either create an action on the dashboard, or manually navigate through dashboards. This functionality is now way easier to use with the new ‘button’ object on a dashboard! In order to do so, simply drag and drop the new object somewhere on your dashboard, set it up to go the dashboard you want to and go! And the best part is that you can now easily change the icon/picture of the button to whatever you might want:

All three features are not only fun to use but really enhance the functionality of Tableau. We look forward to seeing all the cool usecases emerging from the Tableau 2018.3 update.

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