Tableau polygon map - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland

Tableau polygon maps of the Danish regions and municipalities have been available here and on for a while. However, I have had requests for both maps of the other Nordic countries and a Tableau map on the Danish ZIP codes. All of that is now available here and you will also be able to find it on in the near future.

  • Polygon Maps For Tableau

  • Denmark

Download or Browse online

Denmark - Region.tde

Denmark - Constituent.tde

Denmark - Municipality.tde

Denmark - ZIP codes.tde

  • Finland

Download or Browse online

Finland - Province.tde

Finland - Region.tde

Finland - Municipality.tde

  • Norway

Download or Browse online

Norway - County.tde

Norway - Municipality.tde

  • Sweden

Download or Browse online

Sweden - County.tde

Sweden - Municipality.tde

  • But, How Do I Turn my own Shapefil Into a Tableau Polygon?

The polygon maps above are created using Alteryx. The process is really simple: Find a shape file, drag it into Alteryx, use the "Tableau polygon" tool and output to a tde file:

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