The Inviso macro pack for Alteryx

Inviso gets to work with a lot of creative thinking clients, and gets to solve interesting issues with Alteryx. From today we are launching the Inviso Macro pack, that holds macros that hopefully can make your life easier.

  • Business Days macro - enables you to calculate the number of business days between a start- and enddate for the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

  • Conzoom Macro – This macro can pull demographical data directly from Conzoom (Nordic database). Contact us for more info.

  • DST macro - lets you download any table from the Statistics Denmark database ( The macro does not require login and contrary to the publicly available download options from, there is no upper limit on rows or records.

  • Facebook Insights – Pull data about your Facebook Page from the Facebook API (Facebook Insights macro)

  • Facebook posts macro - Pull data about posts on your Facebook Page

  • Geocoder - Geodcodes adresseses based on a Google Maps search

  • Publish to Tableau Server with append (requires Tableau server 9.3) - This is build on the existing Alteryx macro however this one lets you append to an existing datasource (Alteryx Publish to Tableau Server macro – now with Append!)

  • SFTP macro - lets you upload directly to a SFTP server in your preferred format. You need to download WINSCP. ( SFTP macro for Alteryx)

  • TableauTWBX – Lets you create multiple packed workbooks based on a group (Tableau TWBX macro for Alteryx)

  • WaitASecond – Lets you wait X seconds between processing each record (WaitAsecond – Alteryx waiting tool)

  • WWW Webscraper (Beta) – This macro helps you with the iterative process of scraping multiple pages of data. For example 20 pages of Alteryx community data (Insights to the Alteryx community)

We will post a description of each tool during the next couple of weeks. Many thanks to @AlteryxAd for letting me use his installer from the Crew Macros (Chaos Reigns Within homepage).

The macros can be downloaded here: (Alteryx 11.0+ required).

Enjoy and please give feedback!

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