VLOOKUP in Tableau

One of the main challenges when moving from using Excel to Tableau is to avoid trying to work in Tableau the "Excel way". You will be asking for moments of frustrations if you try to replicate an excel sheet cell by cell in Tableau. I have more success focusing on what I am trying to achieve with the report, closing the excel workbook and then building the new report in Tableau. The Tableau report will never end up looking like the excel sheet, but it will always achieve the objective in a fraction of the time one could spend on building an "excel report" outside of excel. Having said that the excel lingo is still going strong. Therefore, here is how I make a VLOOKUP in Tableau (without touching the keyboard!)

What Do I Need To Accomplish?

I have two excel sheets. In the first one I have a list of countries together with their total population. The second sheet holds a list of countries and capitals. I will like to match the capitals from sheet two with the countries in the first sheet.

Do the VLOOKUP in Tableau
1) Drag and drop the excel sheet into an empty Tableau workbook (one by none)

2) Accept the Sheet Tableau Suggests and Connect Live.

3) Build Your View with the "name" and "population" from the first sheet and "capital" from the second.

Notice how Tableau figures out to connect the two sheets by the name, because the dimension have the same name in both sheet.

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