Virtual Alteryx Introduction Part 1

This training will not be held at Gammel Kongevej 3E but will be a virtual training. The virtual link will be sent in an email after sign-up.

Tired of all those repetitive routines in SQL and Excel? See how easy and manageable you can handle, blend data sources and prepare data, without any coding required, for your business analyses and reports using Alteryx.

The aim of the training session is to provide you with a hands-on impression of how easy it is to process, clean and blend data in Alteryx without having to programme a single line. All of this is explained in a free 14 day downloaded trial version of the programme, which with its drag & drop function allows your business page to retrieve all the data needed for your reports and analyses.

Bring a colleague along, so you’ll both be inspired and learn how to simplify your reporting and data-processing activities!

What is Alteryx?

Alteryx is a software programme that can help you sort and combine data from various data sources, ready for analysis. This can include any type of data, from internal documents to material from data warehouses, data from third parties to cloud-based data; such as social media applications, big data platforms or other SAAS platforms. Normally, this type of data collection takes time, a lot of it, and involves a lot of people. With Alteryx, you can cut out this step altogether. Alteryx is able to work across data sources, and this programme will do away with the lengthy process of building up large, inflexible data warehouses, as we did previously. The programme allows even non-programmers to work with advanced data, lightening the load on your programmers!


Kl. 09:00 - 13:00