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Here you can meet six of our consultants, who each apply their expertise to create value for companies through data.

They come from a wide range of studies, but common to them all is that their job at Inviso has converted their knowledge to reality. And they also work at the city's coolest consultancy, where nerding, partying and thinking big is part of the job.

Read about their key lessons from the job and about the opportunities you will get working for Inviso.

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CBS: MSc in Mathematics

Following an intense onboarding course, Lise is convinced that Alteryx is a great tool. She is able to quickly solve the data challenges she is familiar with in her studies and in a more effective and transparent way. She also enjoys hanging out by the coffee machine to chat about the latest technology and trends.

ITU: Computer Sciences

Rasmus is motivated by Inviso's energetic workflow and our enthusiasm for what technology and data can do for the world around us. He likes to nerd around with colleagues and fuels his energy with help from the snack bar.

University of Copenhagen: MSc in Economics

The mix between data and consultancy is the perfect match for Sofie. Inviso gives her the opportunity to meet many types of companies with different problems. The most important thing she has learned is to trust her decisions more.

CBS: MSc in IT

Andreas works with the best tools in the market to create solutions with major commercial value. He is given a lot of responsibility and is becoming more competent from knowledge sharing with colleagues.

Technical University of Denmark: Strategic analysis & system design

At Inviso, Søren is learning to be the link between business and tech. Even though he began working for Inviso early on in his studies, it didn't stop him from making the most of the opportunities. The most important thing he has learned is to view data in a broader context.

CBS: International Business & Politics

The job at Inviso has given Frederik some specific skills, which there's a great demand for. He creates value for companies and keeps himself updated at training sessions and conferences in Europe.

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