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Søren sees his data work from a wider perspective

"To see some of the analyses we have been working with at the Technical University of Denmark in the morning become reality in the afternoon at Inviso has really motivated me in my studies"

Søren started as a Data & Analytics consultant at Inviso, even though he was only in his third semester at the Technical University of Denmark - but it's only been a benefit learning the theory on his course in the mornings, to then apply it in his job at Inviso in the afternoons. Inviso never puts a stop to the learning curve or level of responsibility if you love what you do.

What's it been like starting at Inviso alongside your studies?

Really cool. Inviso is a data consultancy firm, where we help companies to develop their business based on data solutions. You're allowed to nerd around with data, do machine learning and optimize things, but you're also a consultant who can help clients use the data in their business.

On the Strategic Analysis and System Design course, we learn to be the link between business and tech - and that's exactly what we get to do as a Data and Analytics consultant at Inviso. To see some of the analyses we have been working with at the Technical University of Denmark in the morning become a reality in the afternoon at Inviso has really motivated me in my studies.

What is the most important thing you have learned?

One of the most important things I've learned from the job is probably to put my studies into a wider context. At the Technical University of Denmark, we can become very technical and focus all our efforts on working out complicated things, without stopping to think why we're working them out. My job has really given me an understanding of the value of the scope of data in companies.

For example, I have just been working on a project for a production company that makes laser beams. They had a beast of a VBA code in Excel, which was hard to use to get an overview of their sales. I've spent the last 2-3 months replacing the VBA model with a more transparent, automated and 9 times faster Alteryx model. I've also built a number of dashboards to give them a clear overview of how well the company is selling. Now the management team is using the dashboards to constantly follow the live-updated sales analyses on their phones, tablets and large screens in the meeting rooms.

Did you feel prepared for the job, even though you were only in your third semester of your studies?

At Inviso, you're employed as a consultant on an equal footing with those who are studying towards their MSc and those who have already qualified. It was of course a big deal that I had only been studying for around a year.

I had to work a bit harder to begin with to achieve the same things. But it didn't put a stop to the opportunities available to me. As long as you have the will and the enthusiasm for what you're doing, that's all you need.

Because you'll quickly receive a lot of great challenges, which mean that you develop with the tasks - for example, as a consultant you're allowed to be involved in the project's life cycle, right from the initial sales meeting, implementation, the analysis itself - and the data work to handover to the client. You learn a great deal from that. More than if you sat behind a screen and finished other people's data work.

Inviso also offers a very intense onboarding course for new employees, which really prepares you well. It runs over six months, and you become both a great number cruncher and an excellent consultant as a result. And then, of course, you also receive introductory training in our programs Alteryx and Tableau, which are great to learn to use.

What's great about the programs?

Students at the Technical University of Denmark often believe that a program like Alteryx isn't as good as doing your own code. But the truth is quite simply that programs such as Alteryx and Tableau are used by a lot of really exciting companies, not just in Denmark but across the entire world. We are an industry in full growth, and our software programs are an extremely valuable skill to have and great to add to your LinkedIn profile.

Inviso is a strong player in this kind of market, so you'll quickly become competent. For example, just after I joined, I went to the Alteryx conference in London. I had barely opened the program before I was suddenly talking Alteryx with people from Spotify, BCG and Novo Nordisk. Despite not really knowing exactly what I was talking about, everyone still had the utmost respect for me because they could see that I was from Inviso.

And the programs are of course also great because of what they can do. You can go so much further with your data and quicker, and you don't get lost as easily as you do with your own code. And it's also easier to explain to the client what you're doing so that they are able to implement it in their organisation afterwards.

Do you spend all your time working?

Not at all. Yes, we are a group of tech enthusiasts who love to immerse ourselves in data. But we are also really sociable, and we like to spend time with each other. We have a Corona Session once a month, followed by the Friday bar, where someone presents some of the cool projects they've been working on while we toast them with cold Coronas. There's also the Christmas party, summer party and other celebrations, which are always great fun.

Inviso is a young and dynamic place to work, and there's a great spirit here where it's the good ideas that win. For example, there was a Norwegian employee who had a cabin in Norway and wanted to take the colleagues skiing. It ended up being 20 colleagues who jumped on the Oslo ferry and had drinks and a few great days skiing.

If you've got a good idea, you can always count on your colleagues from Inviso to back you up.

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