At Inviso, we help convert data into revenue. Our mission is to help the whole organisation become better at using data at all levels and in every sphere, from the normal day-to-day routines to business development.

When we begin working with a company or organisation, we start by teaching you how to examine your data to see where you could create greater transparency. Next, we help you structure a daily routine that is data-driven, as that will enable you to make better decisions. All this frees up time, so you can see where new business opportunities lie.We will provide full training throughout. Together, we will create templates and work on “real-life” projects that will create value from the word go while teaching you all about our programmes and methods. We will give you pointers on best practice and business optimization based on the data you use as you go along, so that you will be able to work with your own data more effectively in the future.

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Financial Services


One of the golden rules when it comes to working with and understanding your data is the need for transparency in the data and the processes you use. Inviso provides you with that insight and transparency via visualization using Tableau and Alteryx. Do some of your sales people dish out generous discounts as a matter of course, or is a backlog of cases threatening to jam up the workflow? Create transparency and make life easier; you will be rewarded for it.

Advanced analytics

You can use your data to create advanced analyses and statistics. Inviso can help you with everything from learning how to do segmentation analysis to becoming proficient at using the system at an advanced level. Rank your customers according to those who are leaving you or carry out predictive maintenance based on IOT.


We use the market’s best programmes to retrieve and visualize data.

Using the programme, Alteryx, you can retrieve, handle, clean and blend data from a variety of different sources in no time at all – with no coding required.

Tableau is a user-friendly programme which lets you visualize and process your data in an easy, manageable way.